History Committee Member introductions

Theodore A. Bickart

I taught and then served as Dean of Engineering at Syracuse University followed by service as Dean of Engineering at Michigan State University. I subsequently became President of the Colorado School of Mines (now President Emeritus). I earned my baccalaureate degree in electrical engineering in 1957 and my doctorate in the same discipline in 1960, both from The Johns Hopkins University. I am a fellow of the IEEE, ASEE, and ABET. During my academic career, I coauthored two books on electrical networks and was author or coauthor of more than sixty journal papers. Sixteen doctoral students completed their dissertations with me as their advisor. My research stressed the development and application of analytic techniques for the study of stability and performance of electrical networks and control systems. My teaching spanned the spectrum of courses in electrical networks and control systems and ranged into digital circuits and systems.

I am an electrical engineering, computer engineering, general engineering, and engineering physics program reviewer for the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET within the US and internationally. I have served as the ASEE representative on the EAC and its Executive Committee, chairing many review teams and editing numerous review reports. I also served as the ASEE Vice President for Public Affairs. I contributed to the work of the IEEE Educational Activities Board (EAB)for many years, including service on the Board. I served on and then chaired the IEEE Committee on Engineering Accreditation Activities. Later, I chaired the IEEE Accreditation Policy Council and guided the IEEE in championing the first comprehensive changes to ABET Engineering Criteria 2000, now just Engineering Criteria. I have been honored as the recipient of the IEEE EAB 1999 Meritorious Achievement Award in Accreditation Activities and the 2006 Meritorious Service Citation. I have also been engaged in program accreditation reviews, as reviewer and team chair, for the Commission for Academic Accreditation in the United Arab Emirates. I have been a consultant to institutions in and outside the US to help programs prepare for accreditation. These activities have taken place in many countries, including Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Pakistan, Mexico, Peru, Germany, Kazakhstan, and Thailand.

Within the IEEE, I chaired the Ethics and Member Conduct Committee. Subsequently, I proposed the concept of IEEE Technical Tours and then organized the inaugural IEEE Technical Tour of the Panama Canal during my service on the IEEE Life Member Committee. I organized and co-chaired the IEEE Standards Education Task Force which became the IEEE Standards Education Committee, a standing committee of the IEEE Educational Activities Board and the IEEE Standards Association. I am currently the History Committee Chair in Region 5 of the IEEE and I served as a corresponding member of the IEEE History Committee in 2012 and am the IEEE Corporate Integrity Contact Person.

My career included periods at the University of California in Berkeley as a visiting scholar, at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute in the USSR as a Fulbright Scholar, and at the Nanjing Institute of Technology in the PRC as a visiting faculty member. In 1992, I was awarded a diploma of Honorary Professor of the Taganrog Radio Engineering Institute in Russia. In 1993, I was elected an Academician of both the International Higher Education Academy of Sciences in Russia and the International Academy of Informatics in Russia. In 1996, I was elected to membership in the Ukrainian Academy of Engineering Sciences.

At each of the universities I served as an academic administrator, I was active in establishing international experiences for the engineering students.

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