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"Mother of All Demos" +wall. vertical structure, optimized for bearing loads, including plaques.  +


ASCII MIlestone - IEEE NJ Coast Section +Ground Floor Entrance Hall Lobby  +


BIRTH OF THE PC OPERATING SYSTEM 1974 +The plaque will be mounted at the edge of the public sidewalk adjacent to a retaining wall surrounding the property.  +
Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc., 1925-1983 +In the entrance hall lobby  +
Birth and Growth of Primary and Secondary Battery Industries in Japan +All the plaques are planned to be placed in the entrance halls on the ground floor of the Head Offices of both GS Yuasa Corporation and Panasonic Corporation.  +


CRC102-A activated at Politecnico di Milano by Luigi Dadda +In the original building it might be placed in the entrance hall. The current display is located in the main entrance of the DEIB department, a highly visible location.  +


Dadda's Multiplier +ground floor entrance hall.  +
Development of the Erbium-Doped Optical Fiber Amplifier +Present plans are to mount the plaque on a free-standing pedestal in a grassy area  +


Emergency Warning Code Signal Broadcasting System +The new milestone plaque will be installed next to the “First Direct Broadcast Satellite Service” plaque awarded in 2011, which is located outside the building of NHK Science and Technology Research Laboratories, but within the laboratories lot at the entrance space. Every visitor to the laboratories will be able to see the milestones plaques.  +
Enrico Fermi's major contribution to semiconductor statistics, Florence, Italy, 1926 +The plaque will be mounted on the wall next to the Plaque enumerating the Presidents of the School since its foundation. A photo of the proposed location is enclosed  +


First Blind Flight: A Joint IEEE-AIAA Milestone Proposal +The plaque will be securely mounted in the museum on the wall of the Mitchel Field Flight Safety Exhibit.  +
First Digitally Processed Image from a Spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar +We propose to mount the plaque in the lobby of MDA's headquarters.  +
First RISC Microprocessor +Mounting will be indoors on a wall in the public lobby/reception area just outside the main Auditorium in Soda Hall.  +
First Technical Meeting of AIEE 1884 +The plaque will be mounted on the commemorative wall next to the main elevators on the Franklin Institute's first floor  +
First generation and experimental proof of electromagnetic waves 1886-1888. +The plaque shall be mounted outside the Heinrich–Hertz-Auditorium next to the sculpture of Heinrich Hertz.  +


Gapless Metal Oxide Surge Arrester (MOSA) for electric power systems,1975 +We intend to install the milestone plaque at the secured zone in the entrance of Meiden R&D Center.  +


Harvard Mark 1 Computer, 1944 - 1959 +Inside the lobby of Harvard Science Center (1 Oxford Street), Cambridge MA, in proximity to the historical display that features significant components from the original Mark I.  +
High Temperature Superconductivity +The plaque will be mounted on a wall in the ground floor entrance hall  +
Hollow dielectric beam waveguide of sub-millimeter wavelength range, 1966 +On the outer wall of the ground floor entrance hall.  +
Honda Electro Gyrocator: The World's First Map-based Automotive Navigation System, 1981 +The plaque is to be displayed in the exhibition room of Honda Collection Hall.  +


Improvements in and relating to Sound-transmission, Sound-recording and Sound-reproduction systems by Alan Dower Blumlein +Outside of building on front face above or alongside the main entrance to the Abbey Road Studios.  +
Interactive Video Games +The milestone plaque will be mounted on the left pillar (outside) that leads into the front employee/visitor lobby of BAE Systems.  +
Introduction of the Apple I Computer: 1976 +TBD, but in the vicinity of the main entrance or the main lobby of the headquarters of Apple, Inc., in Cupertino, CA.  +
Introduction of the Apple II Computer: 1977-1978 +TBD, but in the vicinity of the main entrance or the main lobby of the headquarters of Apple, Inc., in Cupertino, CA.  +
Introduction of the Apple Macintosh Computer, 1984 +TBD, but in the vicinity of the main entrance or the main lobby of the headquarters of Apple, Inc., at 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA 95014.  +
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