IEEE Panama Section History

IEEE Panama Section History
Established date 1972-09-12
IEEE Region 9
IEEE Council Central Amer.& Panama
Geographic region Panama
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On July 19, 1972, Eng. Ernesto Obregon, Director of the IEEE Region 9, announced through local newspapers an invitation to engineers and electricians electronic Panama, in order to bring together those who were interested in forming the IEEE Section of Panama. On the same date, during the meeting to be held at the Hotel Panama, was appointed the organizing committee as follows:

President - Carlos E. Rodriguez B.

Vice President - Hernan Acevedo

Secretary - Antonio Raven

Treasurer - D. Oswald Cleghorn

Vocal - Roberto Barraza

Vocal - Daniel George

On July 24, 1972 Organizing Committee raised the formal request to require the approval to establish the Panama Section of IEEE. This request was signed by thirteen active members residing in the Republic of Panama, nine active members residing in the territory of the former Canal Zone, a member in arrears and three non-members of the IEEE.


The Panama Section formed a chapter of EMBS in March 2010.


Supporting Friend of IEEE Member and Geographic Activities

  • 2012 ABB Panama (R9), Panama, Panama, For continuous support to IEEE activities in Latin America.

Founding Members

The creation of the Panamá Section of the IEEE was adopted on September 12, 1972 and duly constituted by the following members considered "founding members":

  • Carlos Algandona, Ramon Argote, Roberto Barraza, Jose Barrios
  • Guillermo Flumach, Robert Inchausti, Edilberto George, T. Yee German
  • Daniel H. George,  A. Ernesto Richa, Manuel Lopez,  Esplá Val De la Guardia
  • Mario O. Roger,  Ng Endara, Antonio Raven, Hernan Acevedo
  • D. Oswald Charles,  E. Cleghorn Rodriguez B.
  • Ricardo Vasquez, Vasquez Numan, Horacio Alfaro, Hugo Tapia
  • Cristobal Silva, Miguel Aued

In January 1973 one started to prepare the statutes of the section and ran candidates for the first Board of Directors. On 20 February the same year was chosen the first Board of Directors, remaining as follows:

  • President, Jorge T. German.
  • Vice President, Ernesto Richa
  • Secretary, Daniel H. George
  • Treasurer, Manuel Lopez Esplá
  • Vocal, Val F. De la Guardia

The Section Panama was then formed by two Senior Members, 24 Members, 8 Associates, and a student.

Presidents of Panama IEEE Section

1973 - George T. Aleman

1974 - Ernesto Richa

1975 - Charles H. Numan Algandona

1976 - Numan Vasquez

1977 - Carlos E. Horacio Alfaro Rodriguez Jr.


1979 - Antonio Raven

1980 - Victor C. Urrutia

1981 - Ramon O. Argote

1982 - Marco A. Chen

1983 - Cristobal Silva Calderon Orlando


1985 - Manuel F. Fernando Diaz Reyes


1987 - Oscar Rendoll

1988 - Hernan Acevedo

1989 - Carlos E. Luke R. Rangel

1990 - Lucas Halphen

1991 - Jaime R. Jaen W.

1992 - Enrique A. Tejera M.

1993 - George H. Lee

1994 - Gustavo A. Bayard

1995 - 1996 - Gustavo A. Rodrigo A. Bernal

1997 - Rodrigo Chanis

1998 - Evaristo Alvarez

1999 - 2000 - Jorge Him C.

2001 - 2002 - Roman Altamiranda

2003 - 2004 - Tania Quiel

2005 - 2006 - Leonardo Perez

2007 - 2008 - Gustavo Diaz

2009 - 2010 - Haydi Galvez

The Student Branch of the Technological University of Panama, was the first branch organized and approved, in 1982. The request was backed by 45 students of Engineering. His adviser was Eng. Jorge E. Salvatierra. Its first president in 1982-1983 was Julio Ivan Rovi. Rovi went on to become the advisor for the creation of the second student branch at Universidad Santa Maria la Antigua.

At present Panama' Section has more than 300 members with Society chapters of Power & Energy, Industrial Applications, Computer, Medicine and Biology and Communications; Student branches of the Technological University of Panama, University Santa Maria la Antigua, University of Panama and Latina.


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