IEEE Milwaukee Section History

IEEE Milwaukee Section History
Established date 2010-02-11
IEEE Region 4
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Geographic region Milwaukee
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AIEE Milwaukee Section Officers

Year Chair Secretary
1910 W.H. Powell L.L. Tatum
1911 F.A. Vaughn L.L. Tatum
1912 T.E. Barnum L.F. Reinhard
1913 L.E Bogen A.J. Goedgen
1914 L.L. Tatum W.J. Richards
1915 R.B. Williamson H.P. Reed
1916 F.W. Ellis H.P. Ellis
1917 Arthur Simon Soren H. Mortensen
1918 F.A. Coffin F.J. Mayer
1919 H.P. Reed F.J. Mayer
1920 H.W. Cheney W.H. Costello
1921 F.J. Mayer P.B. Harwood
1922 G.C. Post F.A. Kartak
1923 S.H. Mortensen H.L. Smith
1924 C.T. Evans F.K. Brainard
1925 H.R. Huntley L.F. Seybold
1926 H.L. VanValkenberg R.G. Lockett
1927 John D. Ball Wm. J. Ladwig
1928 E.R. Stoekle R.R. Knoerr
1929 E.W. Seeger R.C. Siegel
1930 F.A. Kartak I.L. Illing
1931 C.H. Krueger E.U. Lassen
1932 W.F. Lent C.D. Brown
1933 K.L. Hansen J.A. Potts
1934 C.D. Brown E.W. Kane
1935 J.F.H. Douglas L.T. Rosenberg
1936 J.A. Potts M.X. Moser
1937 L.H. Hill R.R. Ranson
1938 W.E. Crawford Fred Bush
1939 L.T. Rosenberg R.H. Earle
1940 R.R. Ranson G.W. Clothier
1941 E.W. Hatz W. Richter
1942 F.W. Bush T.B. Jochem
1943 R.H. Earle E.L. McClure
1944 T.B. Jochem J.W. Pomazal
1945 G.W. Clothier E.T. Sherwood
1946 Walter Richter F.J. Van Zeeland
1947 L.C. Aicher E.H. Fredrick
1948 E.T. Sherwood E.J. Limpel
1949 F.J. Van Zeeland C.P. Feldhausen
1950 E.H. Frederick R.C. Ball
1951 C.P. Feldhausen H.C. Brem
1952 E.J. Limpel J.A. Deubel
1954 R.C. Ball R.H. Garrott
1955 J.A. Deubel R.J. Ungrodt
1956 N.C. Storck E.A. Dickinson
1957 R.J. Ungrodt W.R. Ibach
1959 W.R. Ibach R.E.Horn
1960-1961 B.G. Wheeler J.M. Frank
1962 J.M. Frank H.E. Whiting

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IEEE Geographic Unit Organizing Document - Milwaukee

History of the Milwaukee Section, covering the period 1910 to 1950, was written in 1949 by two MSOE engineering studenents and the chariman of the section's history committee at the time.

A complete list of all the AIEE, IRE, and IEEE Milwaukee Section Chairs from 1910 to 2010.


2012 - MGA Achievement Award to Jim Blaha (R4), Milwaukee Section; For his vision, leadership, and commitment in assisting the professional development of IEEE members by organizing the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) seminars in Milwaukee from 2001 to 2010.