IEEE Cleveland Section History

IEEE Cleveland Section History
Established date 1907/09/27
IEEE Region 2
IEEE Council
Geographic region Cleveland
Region area
Principal cities
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AIEE Cleveland Section Officers

Year Chair Secretary
1908 Henry B. Dates F.M. Hibben
1909 H.L. Wallau F.M. Hibben
1910 A.M. Allen Howard Dingle
1911 B.A. Stowe R.B. Chillas, Jr.
1912 E.J. Edwards R.B. Chillas, Jr.
1913 J.C. Lincoln R.E. Scovel
1914 A.C. Eastwood R.E. Scovel
1915 E.H. Martindale Irving H. Van Horn
1916 E.W.P. Smith Bruce W. David
1917 C.M. Rakestraw C.S. Ripley
1918 C.S. Ripley R.W. Knowles
1919 B.W. David W.D. Smoot
1920 A.M. MacCutcheon A.M. Lloyd
1921 I.H. Van Horn G.B. Schneeberger
1922 L.D. Bale Chester L. Dows
1923 G.B. Schneeberger T.D. Owens
1924 C.P. Cooper R.A. Carle
1925 Chester L. Dows J.F. Schnable
1926 H.L. Grant W.E. McFarland
1927 A.M. Lloyd E.W. Henderson
1928 E.W. Henderson P.D. Manbeck
1929 T.D. Owens Wm. H. LaMond
1930 F.W. Braund John M. Smith
1931 G.A. Kositzky F.E. Snell
1932 J.M. Smith S.B. Taylor
1933 R.C. Putnam C.A. Harrington
1934 W.H. LaMond H.T. Killingsworth
1935 C.W. Fick F.E. Harrell
1936 W.E. Wickenden W.C. Kalb
1937 F.E. Harrell H.J. Dible
1938 J.A. Noertker C.D. Coy
1939 H.J. Dible J.C. Strasbourger
1940 L.C. Porter Wm. R. Hough
1941 D.E. Moat S.R. Orem
1942 C.A. Harrington D. Ramadanoff
1943 P.L. Hoover V.A. Diggs
1944 W.R. Hough J.D. Leitch
1945 V.A. Diggs R.W. Loehr
1946 J.C. Strasbourger H.W. Sussman
1947 O.N. Jones R.L. Oetting
1948 J.D. Leitch J.L. Fuller
1949 R.L. Oetting J.A. Cortelli
1950 W.H. Chase L.E. Knapp
1951 C.J. Beller L.J. Shaffer
1952 L.E. Knapp J.R. Linders
1953 J.A. Cortelli R.C. Berger
1954 J.L. Fuller E.M. Kooker
1955 G.R. Canning K.L. Wheeler
1956 R.C. Berger E.C. Barnes
1957 K.L. Wheeler J. Bronaugh
1958 H.C. Martin A.J. Hornfeck
1959 E.C. Barnes H.E. Caruso
1960-1961 A.J. Hornfeck J.C. Ponstingl
1962 J.C. Ponstigl D.C. Griffith

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