IEEE Canadian Atlantic Section History

IEEE Canadian Atlantic Section History
Established date 1966-07-20
IEEE Region 7
IEEE Council
Geographic region Canadian Atlantic
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Sections & Affinity Groups

The Canada Atlantic Section forms a joint chapter of IEEE Signal Processing and Microwave Theory and Techniques societies in July 2009.

A WIE Affinity group was formed in July 2009.

A Life Members Affinity group was formed in Nov 2009.


2012 MGA Outstanding Small Section Award to IEEE Canadian Atlantic Section, Region 7

Congratulations to the following officers for their efforts:

  • Chair, Charles Cooke, Michael Lamoureux
  • Vice Chair, Michael Lamoureux, Jianjun (Jason) Gu
  • Secretary, Philip Zinck, Neil Glennie, Richard Itiveh
  • Treasurer, William Perry, Laurence T. Yang

The IEEE Canadian Atlantic Section (R7) works to facilitate relations between Higher Grade members and Student members. The Section's fall Student Branch event is open to all members, and the Section always organizes talks by Higher Grade members on the Engineering profession so Student members can "Meet an Engineer.” IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) held a social event to allow Student members to meet members from industry. Many technical events were held at the University to encourage interaction between Higher Grade members and Student members. The Canadian Atlantic Section is also heavily involved in the Annual Student Paper Competition, where they present awards to the top three presenters before sending the finalist on to the National IEEE Student Paper Competition. At this event, students not only get judged by professional members of IEEE from industry, but also get a chance to interact with the members in an informal session after the competition is over.

Section Officers

Canadian Atlantic Section Officers
Year Chair Vice chair Secretary Treasurer
1966-1967 W. D. Hutchinson Dr. B. A. Bowen J. B. Franklin A. H. MacKinnon
1967-1968 W. D. Hutchinson Dr. B. A. Bowen J. B. Franklin A. H. MacKinnon
1968-1969 Dr. B. A. Bowen / A. H. MacKinnon A. H. MacKinnon B. Hamilton S. Buxcey
1969-1970 O. K. Gashus
1970-1971 R. J. Hamilton
1971-1972 J. H. Arkwright
1972-1973 R. W. Wilson
1973-1974 D. G. Brown
1974-1975 D. A. Roy
1975-1976 J. J. Laffin
1976-1977 J. C. Moldon
1977-1978 R. S. Taylor
1978-1979 R. Hostings-James
1979-1980 R. G. Burke
1980-1981 A. E. Marble
1981-1982 John C. Fraser
1982-1983 Sherwin T. Nugent Gnanendran Murugan Mo El-Hawary Kenneth R. George
1983-1984 Gnanendran Murugan Joseph Seiler Paul Robinson Robert Creighton
2002 Jacek Ilow Piotr Proszynski Brian Maranda Tomislav Hruskovec
2003 Piotr Proszynski Kenneth Mah Scott Melvin Jacek Ilow / Scott Perry
2004 Kenneth Mah Scott Melvin Gordon MacDonald Scott Perry
2005 Scott Melvin
2006 Scott Perry Jeffery MacKinnon Charles Cooke Scott Melvin
2007 Charles Cooke Michael Lamoureux Neil Glennie / Vacant Scott Perry
2008 Charles Cooke Michael Lamoureux Vacant Scott Perry
2009 Michael Lamoureux Jason Gu Phil Zinck Laurence T. Yang
2010 Michael Lamoureux Jason Gu Richard Itiveh Laurence Tianruo Yang / Blair Mason
2011 Jason Gu Richard Itiveh Adam Lusk Laurence Tianruo Yang
2012 Richard Itiveh Adam Lusk Simon Dewolf Michael Lamoureux
2013 Mae Seto Adel Merabet Christopher Whitt Simon Dewolf / Christopher Whitt
2014 Adel Merabet Laurence Tianruo Yang Aaron Macneill Christopher Whitt
2015 Laurence Tianruo Yang Christopher Whitt Aaron Macneill Christopher Whitt / Aaron Macneill
2016 Christopher Whitt Jeffery Mackinnon Joshua Fritz Aaron Macneill
2017 Jeffery Mackinnon Jason Rhinelander Joshua Fritz Aaron Macneill
2018 Jason Rhinelander Dirk Werle Joshua Fritz Aaron Macneill
2019 Dirk Werle Joshua Fritz Caleb Macdonald Aaron Macneill
2020 Joshua Fritz Deyasini Majumdar Caleb Macdonald Aaron Macneill
2021 Joshua Fritz Aaron Macneill Zifan Fei Caleb Macdonald

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