IEEE Bahrain Section History

IEEE Bahrain Section History
Established date 2001-06-23
IEEE Region 8
IEEE Council
Geographic region Bahrain
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The Beginning

The effective date of IEEE Bahrain Section is 22 June, 2001 which was established by Isa S Qamber.

Major Events

Till now six joint Conferences as the IEEE-GCC Conferences & Exhibition in collaboration with GCC countries were organized.

Conference & Exhibition # Period / Location
First 13-14 May, 2003 (Bahrain)
Second 23-25 November, 2004 (Bahrain)
Third 19-22 March, 2006 (Bahrain)
Forth 11-14 November, 2007 (Bahrain)
Fifth 17-19 March, 2009 (Kuwait)
Sixth 19-22 February, 2011 (UAE)

Current Officers

The 2010-2012 officers are:

Position Name Membership #
Chair Prof. Isa S Qamber 08233538
Vice-Chair Mr. Wafeeq Ajoor 41256714
Treasurer Mr. Abd. Ali Al-Wazeer 41448741
Secretary Mr. Ahmed El-hamaky 90428457

Other officers over the present / past years are:

Name Membership #
Dr. Jamal Hejres 40300061
Mr. C J Ravindraprasad 41330353
Dr. Wafa Al-Mansoori 80512692
Dr. Raida Al-Alawi 00828699
Dr. Adel A Hamed 41454378
Dr. Fawzi Al-Jowder 41314337

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