This is a help page in the Rich Editor Formatting section.

You may upload videos related to your content that are in FLV (Flash Video) format. You may need to convert your current video to a FLV file. For assistance in conversion, Adobe offers online guidance. When creating or converting video files for use on the GHN we recommend the following settings:

Flash version: Flash 8

Video Codec: On2 VP6

Video data rate: 400kbps

Audio Codec: MP3

Audio data rate: 96kps

Once you have created your FLV file, you'll need to upload it to the GHN. We have a limit of a 10MB file size, so you may wish to edit your video if it is larger than 10MB. Click here to go to the page to upload a file.

You'll be directed to a page that looks like the one below. Click on browse to navigate to the video on your computer that you'd like to add to the GHN.


Once the video is uploaded, go back to your article and click on the Edit button. Select the "special tag" icon:


A drop down menu will appear.  Select 'flvplayer' from the 'Current Special Tag' pull down list.


You will then need to enter information in the following format in the 'Special tag parameters' field:

For example: Hoff640x480.flv|640|480

Then, simply select "OK" to insert the video clip.