First-Hand:Layers of Reliability or Ethics

Layers of Reliability or Ethics

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Submitted by Yukiyasu Suguri

In 1945, I was engaged in a research of absolute current standard in Toshiba Co. as a mobilized student.

In 1947, I entered in the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications and engaged in a study of standard frequency project.

Thereafter I engaged in research of information theory, satellite communications and information process , so on.

Concerning the satellite relaying of the Tokyo Olympic game in 1964, NASA was against to use the Syncom 3 satellite, but the result was fortunately wonderful success in spite of many risks.

In 1982, SSIT Tokyo chapter was established. My main interest was moved to human ethics in Japan modeling nature phenomena.

At present, reliability is the most important factor.

A motto in NASA is "people make mistake". It means that a mistake is inevitable, so discussion is necessary to avoid or decrease many risks.

Voice-recorder is used for solution to the accident, not for the investigation of the accident.

Probability of inevitable accident is so called one time in ten-thousand cases in Japan, they say.

It is minus four power of ten, that is -40dB.

Increasing a civilization, proper probability become to be necessary.

The most severe probability is -160dB for an atomic frequency standard.

In order to manage -160dB field considering human ability of -40DB, layers for 0 to -40dB, -40dB to -80dB, -80dB to -120dB, and -120dB to -160dB are necessary.

In addition to the above 4 layers, intermediate layers would be commonly used, so 7 layers would be proper.

The first layer is for people living with individual sign, and seventh layer is people necessitate the most severe restriction or responsibility of ethics.

Suitable reliability is dependent on each layer, and it means that each layer cannot be replaceable by other layer.

Lie-detector would not be made even in future because that human being is not god.

From old days, reliability is made by birth, circumstance or investigation of personal history.

Nations or academic circles must be the most reliable organization.

IEEE is believed as one of the most reliable organization.

After the world war 2, propaganda by mass-community organizations seems to be that all people should have the same right regardless of duty. Such a conflict must be adjusted in order to keep law-governed nation.

Considering a new philosophy, there are two opposite directions. One is positive direction, and another is negative direction.

In order to improve human culture, spiritual activity will be necessary intending to overcome a large accident. Do-nothing is a road to degradation.

In that case, balancing between the conflict will be the most important factor, for example, between dream and money, between information and energy ,between individual and society.

Some part is settled in a history.

However, recent technical development occurs new big confliction.

There are influence to human mind by internet, swift time change by recording, etc.

Nowadays many PDA are in fashion forcing rapid change, so the original target to remove digital divide in a communication world seems to be neglected, and will increase the digital divide.

Digital society seems to be considered only for very near field, not for far field.

Each layer is important layer. Lower layer is necessary for upper layer. And, balancing of energy(number of person, budget, etc.) in all layer is more important.

Long discussion is not useful, but conclusion is necessary, because of "time flies as arrow".

People not live by bread only.

Back to the nature law in a big system energy considering the limited energy in human life.