Category:Image processing

A 1980's Vax 4000 from The National Aeronatics and Space Administration, used to process satellite images

Topics relating to processing of computer images


  • Image coding - the transformation of an image into computer code
  • Image color analysis - the analysis of the color content of images
  • Image enhancement - the improvement of the picture quality of a digital image
  • Image generation - the creation of digital images from source code or other information
  • Image recognition - the ability of computers to recognize relevant information in images
  • Image reconstruction - the process of recreating the original content of an image from a damaged or degraded copy
  • Image representation - the display of a computerized image to a user
  • Image resolution - the level of detail embodied in an image
  • Machine vision - or MV, is the process of applying a range of technologies and methods to provide image-based automatic control and inspection for industrial applications