Barry L. Shoop


Barry L. Shoop has made contributions across the breadth of IEEE that have changed the very fabric of its operations and governance, from local geographic units to the Board of Directors. His strategic vision has allowed him to lead the way to revolutionary changes within IEEE in the way IEEE thinks about, supports, and treats its members. One of Dr. Shoop’s most impactful accomplishments was his leadership in 2007-2008 as chair of the Regional Activities Board (RAB) Enterprise Engineering Project Ad Hoc Committee, which transformed RAB into the Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) group. One of the largest IEEE transformations in recent history, this change made the member a priority by focusing on involving members in all IEEE organizational units through programs and activities. As the 2010 vice president of MGA, he developed the Regional Geographic Strategy, which focuses on unique circumstances and commonality of the local geographic region to improve membership value and drive recruitment and retention. As the 2008-2009 IEEE secretary and chair of the IEEE Governance Committee, he led the Committee’s transformation from being focused solely on governing documents to being a resource for making IEEE governance more effective. In 2008, as the chair of the Business Management System Ad Hoc Committee, he made recommendations on how to improve IEEE’s IT system that resulted in changes to the entire IEEE IT enterprise, including structure, governance, and architecture.

An IEEE Fellow, Dr. Shoop is Professor and Deputy Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York.